Why Dragon Age: Origins is a great game.


Dragon Age: Origins is a personal favourite of mine. I really can’t tell you how many hours I have spent playing this game. Recently I decided to re-play it to try to understand what (in my option) makes it such a great game.

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The Story

I feel the story is one of, if not the best parts of Dragon Age: Origins. In this story you play one of the last of the Grey Wardens (who have to defended the world from the Darkspawn) after Ferelden’s lead general betrays the Grey Wardens and leads to the death of all but two Grey Wardens (you and another Grey Warden name Alistair) and of king Cailan, who is tasked with ending the fifth Blight by killing the Archdemon (an Old God  manifested in the form of a dragon). As your progress through out the game, your Warden’s decisions affect all of the world. Throughout the game you also pick up many companions. These companions feel very much like real people and are affected are also by your decisions and the things you say to them. As you continue through the game you build relationships with your companions and are given the option to romance some companions.



If you are someone (like me) who could spend hours customising a character then Dragon Age: Origins is a great game for you. You have a wide array of character customisation in the beginning of the game in the character creator. The game starts by asking what is your race, from this you can choose to be a human, elf, and dwarf. The race you choose will effect your beginning story and how companions and Non-playable characters (NPC) interact with your character, for example humans are treated much better then elf’s, who are viewed as second-class citizen in Ferelden. Next you are asked to pick your class, which are rogue, warrior, or mage. This also effects the story, for example if you play as a human mage you are sent to the Circle Town, while if you play as a rogue or warrior you get the basic human story where you live with your family. And last you have your basic character designing, where you decide how the character will look and the name.



If you like more of casual combat system (again like me) then Dragon Age:Origins is prefect. The Combat system is pretty basic and easy to understand. It makes for a game were you can focus on the story more so then the fights. There are options to raise the difficulty to casual, normal, hard, and nightmare if the play is finding things a bit too easy.




In my option Dragon Age: Origins is a great game. It is personally one of my favourites. I honestly forgot how much I truly loved it, till doing this review. It is truly an amazing game because of it’s story, customisation to each player, and the casual combat. It’s definitely a game I recommend to friends and family.


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