Overlord: Fellowship of Evil and why its Worse than the previous 2 games.

The overlord games are well known for its humour and its unique game play that accompanies it. But, there is one game in the overlord franchise that stands out for all of the wrong reasons and that game is overlord: Fellowship of Evil and i shall be going over why this game is nothing compared to overlord 1 and 2.

First of all, the overlord games are basically where you play as a dark lord and you can summon minions and guide them around to fight for you and carry different objects and artefacts to a nearby portal to teleport said item back to your evil castle, all of this with humour in the mix. now, overlord: Fellowship of evil is basically the other overlord games without everything that makes overlord unique and made into a 4 player league of legends where you can only play against NPCS. Further more, the mechanics of commanding minions is entirely gone and replaced with basic NPC mechanics just like the enemies again its just like the minions in league of legends.

Image result for overlord fellowship of evil

Also, the art style of the game is nothing like the other overlord games because everything is obviously lower quality because of the game being top down and they decided to change the models for the main character so that he looks more cartoon styled and the other characters that the other players can pick look terrible and they don’t look like they are even part of the franchise because they just look like something you would expect to see in a rip-off moba.

In conclusion, don’t get this game because its a waste of time and money because it lacks everything that made overlord unique and entertaining. the controls are alright and they work as they were intended to but it just feels like an entirely different game because its missing all of the key features of overlord.


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