First impressions: The Walking Dead season 2


The Walking Dead season 2 was made by Telltale Games. It was release on December the 17th of 2013. After the sheer popularity of The Walking Dead season 1 it was no surprise that Telltale Games would make a season. Unfortunately I was unable to play season 2 till now. 

Over view

Season 2 starts of at least (I would estimate) 6 months after the events of The Walking Dead season 1. In this time we see Clementine is travelling with Omid and Christa, who is pregnant. Clementine, Omid, and Christa walk to a bathroom to get cleaned up. Clementine goes into one bathroom by herself. After checking to make sure the bathroom is safe, she starts to get cleaned up. While cleaning up Clementine drops a water bottle that goes under a stall door. When Clementine goes to get the water bottle she leaves her gun on the sink. During the time she s in the bathroom stall getting the water bottle a girl, who looks to be in her teens, takes Clementine’s gun, finds Clementine, and holds her against her will. Omid walks in a realises whats happening and tries to sneak up be hide the teen girl only for the bathroom door to close to loudly causing the teen girl to shoot Omid in the chest. Christa quickly enters the bathroom and sees Omid’s dead body. The teen girl quickly apologies, but Christa shoots her in the stomach with her gun, killing the teen girl. Fast forward to sixteen months later, we see Christa, who is not pregnant anymore, and Clementine sitting around a very dim campfire trying to cook a small animal. Christa talks a bit about getting to Wellington and then leaves to get firewood, while leaving Clementine to tend to the fire. Christa is later held at gunpoint by two bandits. Clementine is given the option to sneak away or throw a rock to distract and help Christa get away. Ether way, a bandit tries to get Clementine, who gets away by pushing him in to a walker. Many other walkers come from the woods and Clementine falls into the river below.  The next day, Clementine awakes up on the bank of the river, which is the end of my game play for season 2.



download (1)

Likes and Dislikes

I like that season 2 kept with the same art style as season 1. This helped for games to feel like its own world. The story is still pretty good so far, like season 1. I really like that they creators decided to continue the story with Clementine as this allows the player to continue to watch this young girl grow. I’m still not a fan of the timer on decisions. As someone who is dyslexic the timer makes it hard to for me to fully read all the options, but I do understand the design choice to have it.


Over all, it is a good game so far. I very interested in how  the story will on fold as I continue to play this game. As of now, I would recommend to friends and family interested in The Walking Dead, and it could be good fun for anyone who know nothing of the show.


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