Weird but interesting games: FEMINAZI:The Triggering

A very weird but interesting game I found while looking around on Steam is FEMINAZI: The Triggering. FEMINAZI: The Triggering was made by Hyperborean Games. It was released on February the 20th,  2017.

frame_0000_1280w (2)

In FEMINAZI: The Triggering you play a Feminazi (an extreme feminist) and your goal (as stated on the steam page for this game) is to “stop straight evil white males from oppressing women and minorities and make them check their privileges”. You control your Feminazi with the arrow keys and have the options to praise a person of colour with the Z button, make the white males check their privileges with the X button, and make the thin mothers check their privileges. This game includes some pretty fun min-games such as one where your roll is to abort all male babies and give the females babies to their strong independent mothers. Or another one where you have to dance the “oppression away”. As you walk around though out the game you can collect items such a food to improve fattiness and used tampons to earn ‘slut walk’ points. You can also customize your Feminazi and you can even choose from 30 different genders on top of being able to change your hair, clothes, and a banner.

20170226125746_1-1024x576 (2)


FEMINAZI: The Triggering is a game made to make fun of the extremist in 3rd wave feminist. To poke a little fun at it. I think the best part of the game is the humour. It’s made to be ridiculous and it that over the top humour that I find so funny. It’s a game that doesn’t take itself too seriously. I don’t think it is a brand of humour that everyone will get, but I have a feeling the creators had a type of player in mind when making this game.

Over all, this is a fairly good game. My biggest problem with the game is the directions are not always clear and will most likely take the players a few playthroughs to know what exactly to do. I even bought this game for a friend to test this and he had a similar problem. But even with that downfall, the game over all is worth a buy. With it’s humour, at least a few hours of game play, and it only being $0.99 I would recommend to friends and family. It’s definitely worth a try and would be a fun way to burn some free time.


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