Current problems in Overwatch.

There are quite a few problems with Overwatch considering hero balancing  with some heroes being brokenly overpowered and some heroes being so under powered that they aren’t worth playing at all regardless of how fun they are to play. some examples of this are Sombra and Symmetra at the moment.

First of all, One hero who is ridiculously unbalanced is Sombra and this is because she can only pick off enemies who are separated from her team and when she hacks a health pack or an enemy, the team that Sombra is on cannot see the health pack or the enemy that has been hacked so the she is forced to either not say anything and have her team not know that she has hacked a health pack or a enemy rendering them vulnerable or to announce that she has hacked a health pack or enemy and attempt to describe where said hacked object is which is quite difficult in the heat of battle and can lead to someone sneaking up behind Sombra when she is distracted and being quickly killed. Further more, I feel as though her abilities could be tweaked because he abilities are usually used in conjunction with each other and this usually causes her to be left vulnerable whenever she does use them because the cool downs are quite long and i feel as though the timer for when her teleport ability expires should be longer because at the moment she can only use it when she knows that there is going to be confrontation and sometimes people will try to use it to to get out of a difficult battle because they don’t want to waste the ability by having the timer expire just when they get into trouble. Other than what has been mentioned, she has no other faults or things that i think should be buffed or nerfed.

Now onto a hero that i think should be nerfed and that hero is Ana. Although she is being nerfed in the next upcoming patch, this is going to talk about pre-nerf and how she is as of now. First of all, she does so much damage to anyone she shoots, for anyone who doesn’t know she deals 80 damage per shot to an enemy, which in my opinion is too over powered considering that she can take down most of the attack heroes with two to three shots. Some may argue that her biotic grenade ability is overpowered as well but I think its fine the way it is.

However, there is another change to a hero that some call a buff and that some call a nerf and this hero that’s being changed is Lucio. So, pre-patch Lucio (How he is now) has a AOE (area of effect) passive ability which he can change to increase speed or heal his team mates who are within 30 meters of him however, after the next patch, his AOE will be drastically reduced from 30 meters to only 10 meters but the rate that he heals with his passive is increased which is meant to encourage the Lucio to be with his team rather than hiding in a corner away from harm and slowly heal anyone that comes into his radius. Further more, the speed at which the projectiles from his gun travel at is being increased from 40 to 50 and when Lucio is wall riding he will gain extra speed for as long as he is on the wall and when he jumps from a wall he will gain a short boost of speed adding onto the already increased speed from wall riding and even more speed from his passive if he has speed boost active.

There are other heroes that are getting minor tweaks here and there to balance them out a little but they aren’t anything to really talk about but there is a change coming to a map and that map is eichenwalde and the change is to the level its self, this change being another route to the first capture point because the map was more in the defenders favour. And that’s all for my thoughts and feelings on the upcoming patch of Overwatch.


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