Star Wars Knights of the Republic 1 vs. 2


BioWare’s Star wars Knights of the old Republic was considered a great game by many gamers because of this BioWare decided to create Star Wars Knights of the old Republic 2. Most like the previous game, it takes place in the Star wars universe and is about 1,000 years before the Star Wars moves. The question that may be raised in the minds of gamers is “Which game is better?” to answer this I have decided to compare and contrast the two games.


Both games allow for the player to choose light or dark side. Both are heavily story based with character’s you build a relationship with over time. Both have very similar game play. Both have the same dialog options set up.  And both allow the player to explore the Star Wars universe with planets the player would know from the movies and some new planets never before seen by the player.


The 1st game has an ending that closes the story, while the 2nd game ends on a cliff-hanger that has yet to be fallowed up. Because of this I feel the ending to the 1st game makes the game feel more complete. The 2nd game offers more neutral choices which seems more like real life. In the 1st game the characters are who they are. There is nothing the player can do to change the characters, while in the 2nd game the characters are influenced by the player choices.


Over all both games are very good games the any Star Wars fan and gamer will love. I recommend playing both games, though I personally prefer the first game the second game is still a very good game. I would rate Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 1 a 9 out of 10 and Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2 a 8 out of 10.

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