Overwatch Update: Orisa

Orisa, the new hero to add to the roster of Overwatch is going to drop in within the next week and she is going to change the meta of competitive with he unique play style and abilities. she is the very first female omnic robot to be introduced to the game and the developers have talked about how it was a challenge to design this new hero and how Orisa was meant to be challenging for them to make and balance out.

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First of all, Orisa is an omnic robot that was constructed by an 11 year old named Efi who is native to Numbani. Going back into the history of the universe of Overwatch, the omnic crisis is when the omnic who are robots were fighting the humans and a group of hero’s came together to create Overwatch.

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In the omnic crisis there were a specific set of units named the OR-14 and after the omnic crisis the humans and the omnics lived in peace and Numbani because a place where omnics and humans lived together and protected each other but there was a local villain in Numbani called Doomfist, to combat this villain the people of Numbani upgraded the OR-14’s into OR-15’s. After the OR-15 were created Doomfist attacked Numbani and he destroyed the OR-15’S in Numbani airport, its because of this that the people of Numbani lost all faith in the omnics and the OR-15’S apart from Efi who salvaged some parts from the destroyed OR-15’s in the airport and built the omnic that we all know is named Orisa. She isn’t meant to be like the other omnics where they are effective in large numbers, she is meant to be a heroic omnic who is to protect the people of Numbani alone.

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Now, onto the hero herself, she has been designed to be an ‘anchor tank’ just like Reinhardt  to serve as an extra option if a player doesn’t want to play Reinhardt. Her abilities consist of fortify, Halt!, Protective barrier and super charger and her weapon is called the fusion driver. First off, Fortify is an ability which gives a considerable amount of damage resistance and gives her total resistance to crowd control abilities like Reinhardt’s charge ability and mei’s blizzard ultimate ability. Her second ability, which is Halt!, and this is a miniature version of zarya’s ultimate in the sense that it pulls enemies who are within range of the projectile towards the center of it for a brief period of time and this can be used to position enemies and can be used to aid against taking over the high ground. Her third ability which is the protective barrier is what defines her as an ‘anchor tank’ like Reinhardt, she is able to shoot out a small projectile onto a surface and it opens up into a stationary barrier that has 900 health and stays active for 12 seconds. And last but not least, her ultimate ability, super charger and what this does is it buff’s your teams attack damage if they are within a certain range of the object that Orisa places on the ground and the super charger only ends after a certain amount of time or if the enemy is able to destroy it which means that if you are playing Orisa then you will have to be strategic on where you place the super charger and how you are going to protect it while also placing it in a place that is going to sufficiently benefit your team.  overall, i think that Orisa is going to fit into the roster of Overwatch incredibly well and that she will be able to change the current meta of competitive games and furthermore will allow for someone who likes to play as Reinhardt to also have an alternative hero to pick when it comes to playing as an ‘anchor tank’ and at the moment she doesn’t seem too overpowered or too under powered.

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